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Clothing Catalog © April 12, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.
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Last Friday the NEW Clothing Catalog was released when I was on holiday but I thought I would post the secret items even though everyone probably already knows!

Well the Catalog reminds you of Spring as we have Flower Baskets and Summer dresses. But dont forget the RARE Flower Hat!

Catalog Secrets
Well there is only 1 secret in the catalog which is getting the Blue Cape which you do so by clicking the 3D glasses they will illuminate and then you click it and the capes Buy Box will appear.
And of course the Viking Helmets which are always in the Catalogs but hidden in a different place! This month to get it you click the leaf that has a box around it in the picture above. Then to get the Blue Viking Hemlet you click the the Viking Helmet 3 times.

Thats all…
Waddle On,


I’m BACK! April 11, 2007

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Just a quicky…
I am back from holiday!
Sadly I missed the Easter Hunt and Blue bunny ears so there is no point me putting them on!
Please check the post below as I am having a party all info is in the info in post below!

If you can be there comment on the post below!
Thats it….
Waddle On,

Blog Info © April 3, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

Down Time
I am going on holiday for easter and will NOT be able to update my site from Wednesday 3rd April and for 6 days after that! You can still visit my site and comment but there will not be any posts.

Silly Site party
A penguin called Wonder Tiger left a message on Meebo reminding me that the silly site party page was still not open! I am sorry I completly forgot and it should be running by this evening….Hopefully!

200 Days Old party!
Where: Iceland Server
At: Blazecats igloo which will be on Members Igloo (on the map)
On: Saturday 28th April 2007
Time: 10am – 12pm (Penguin Standard Time)
And your all invited! So comment here if you will be able to come and i will add you to my visitors list to see how many people are comming!
There will be games, Snow ball fights and anything you want comment below with all your ideas!

And finally a message for Angel8o and Berryc00l please check your email!

Thats all for now…
Waddle On,


ApRiL fOoLs DaY!!! March 31, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

April Fools Party

Today is the ApRiL fOolS Weekend party! 🙂
Here are the Free Item locations:
Blue Propeller Cap-Inside the Mine
Funny Face glasses-Beach
Here are some great pics of the party!
The pin is at the dock follow the instructions on the picture below.
There u go!
Blog News
My Website April Fools party starts April 1st and I have had loads of jokes so its really hard to choose! Thanks to the great Angel8o she has made me a great header so check it out on Sunday!

Happy Easter and my website will stay open through Easter Break so check anytime!

Waddle On, :mrgreen:

Newspaper Info © March 29, 2007

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The Penguin Times update
Here are the main stories from the Newspaper:

Cover Story
Easter Egg hunt (April 6th- April 9th)
There will be some easter eggs hidden around Club Penguin and you have to find them!
Aunt Arctic says penguins love hunting and she has loads of great hiding places. Join up with your mates or find them on your own! The hidden places will be on my blog when the hunt starts!

Featured Story
The coins from the gift shop went missing last week which was the story line for the NEW mission! As so many penguins have completed the mission the coins have returned.
As if by magic….

You could send a story into CP and it could be put in the Book Room for evryone to read!
You can enter your story on this page.

Featured Game
Mastering manucula!

Regular Feature
Ask Aunt Arctic

Regular Feature
Tips and Secrets (Hidden Jokes)
Try clicking the words joke, Riddles or poems in the newspaper and see what happens…

Jokes, Riddles and Poems

March 30th- April Fools Day
April 6th – Easter Egg Hunt
Clothing Catalog
April 12th- Writing Contest closed
April 13th- New post cards
New pin
April 20th- Igloo Catalog
Furniture catalog

Fan comics

There u go!
If you want the full stories see the newspaper!

Waddle On, :mrgreen:

New Mission © March 28, 2007

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Complete the mission in 12 easy steps!

Hey! :mrgreen:
The NEW mission was released on Monday as CP suddenly finished it here are the steps to complete it:

Step1- Have a chat with the penguin wearing the Propeller Cap and Red Sunglasses. Make him look in the vault. Make sure you do ALL the talking to get to the next step!

Step2- Go to the Office using the door to the right. Then using the arrows go round and stop at the orange couch.

Step3- Click the Floppy Disk and the Paperclip and drag them to your inventeries.

Step4- Go over to the Computer and turn it on using the big button on the hard drive. Then insert the floppy disk into the disk drive. And click files then click combination_number.

Step5- Write down the number make sure you remember it! Then go back down and ask the green penguin to open it. Then click the panel with the red button saying confirm. Then the panel will enlarge. Then code means N-north, E-east, S-south, W-west then type in the number using the big black boxes as many times.

Step6- Go into the room and your Agent phone will ring. Go to G in the HQ.

Step7- Click the tv screen G is pointing to with the Vault showing.

Step8- Open the drawer next to G and click the top left key. Drag it to your inventeries.

Step9- Go back to the gift shop and visit the roof using the key in your inventeries. Click the white fibrers on the vent. Click the Powah box and open it using your wrench from your spy phone.

Step10- Put the paper click in the box and go to the town where a penguin is crying. Go to the boiler room use your night vision goggles and use the arrows till you get to the Fuse Box click it and turn your goggles off.

Step11- Click all the red dots until they all turn green. (It took me ages but dont give up).

Step12- Go to the HQ speak to G and well done you have completed the mission! 🙂

There u go!
If youve got any comments tell me…

Thats all.
Waddle On,

Update (23rd March 2007) © March 24, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

Friday Update
Every friday I will make a post called Friday Update and it will tell you all the Club Penguin releases and information!
Today the new Puffle Tricks have been released for your puffles as Holagurrl said I couldnt really tell what they where but if you know comment them here! :mrgreen:
Also the Secret Agent game clue is hidden in the F.I.S.H book to find it follow the instructions below.
Then a message should pop up saying:
Then the symbol is on page 11 in the F.I.S.H book!
Then the message will appear. The message says:
There is the clue for the NEW mission.
And on the official Club Penguin blog the latest Mission clue is this:
As promised, here is this weeks “behind the scenes” look at the upcoming mission. This one is my favorite so far. It shows some of the animation frames that help create movement with a character. Now you see why these missions take so long to create. I must say, I think this one will be the best one yet!
In blog news could I have more entries in the competitions page! Check it Out…
And finally my blog party is on the 1st April so get ready and make sure you tell your friends!!!
There you go! 🙂
Waddle On, ❗

St Patricks Day party!! March 16, 2007

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Today it’s the St Patricks Day Party! ❗ Which is a nice change from the normal Club Penguin look! 🙂 🙂
Everythings gone GREEN! Even my site which I hope you like. Well here is the info and secrets from today’s new arrivals! :mrgreen:
The free item is the Lucky Hat which hasn’t been back since 2006! It is in the Dock.
The NEW pin is in the Lodge Attic. Click the Pot of Gold which is behind the Red chair. Then the pin will bounce onto the Blue sofa then click on it!
Also today the band have arrived back and are Touring Club Penguin playing there music in the NightClub. Also some new Igloo music has been added so Check it Out!
And on top of that a selection of new items have been added to the Furniture Items like the Green Collection which are RARE ITEMS are a must have for any St Patrick Party lovers!
All the secrets are weirdly the same as last time so check my last Furniture Catalog post for the information. Also in the Igloo catalog we have two new flooring items! Also here are the Igloo Secrets.
To get the Secret Stone igloo click the top middle window of the Ice Castle.
The Last Igloo Catalog secret is the Deluxe Stone Igloo which you get by clicking the coin sign on the Candy igloo
Thats everything I think! 😕
Waddle on,
-Blazecat :mrgreen:

Newspaper Info © March 8, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

This weeks newspaper was delivered today! Here is a little summary of each headline.
The main story had info about this months party. The St Patricks Day ’07 party.
It gives alot of hints about what the free item will be read this and see what you think:
A very old item that has been a favourite for many who have it and envy of those who dont will return during this party.
If you ask me they are probobly going to bring back the Lucky Hat (see picture below)
and at this party last year the first pin was released (See picture below)
So I dont know what pin there will be this time!
Also in other news Rockhopper is coming back tomorrow so make sure you get the items he’s bringing back!
In my blogs news I need jokes for the Silly party so visit the Competitions page to find out more and we need more hits so we can reach 2500 the surprise is now ready so keep visiting!
For Now Waddle On!

Just a quick note! March 7, 2007

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I would just like to say thanks for helping reach my goal of 2000 hits!
The surprise was the April Fools Day silly party on my site which I had to release early because I wanted you all to know. Also check out the competition page for my latest contest!
Waddle On,