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Newspaper Update © May 24, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

Today the newspaper was released!
Looking through the articles there are 2 I will pick out!
First the Member Party tomorrow!
The party has been extended until the 29th! We haven’t been told the location but the advert says follow the signs…

Turn your igloo into a masterpiece!
With all the NEW colourful new furniture items released last week there are sure to be some interesting igloos! Yesterday I was in a penguins igloo whose walls where covered in the Puffle Pop Art picture! Cool. If you have a cool igloo that you would like everyone to see send me a pic saved in an email and I will pop it on the Pictures page.

NEW site

In blog news I have another blog which is currently going pretty well! Please can you all visit it because me and my friends have worked hard on it! The URL is http://toughguy2andblaze.wordpress.com !


– Keep Chilly
Visit my other site at http://toughguy2andblaze.wordpress.com !



1. toughguy2 - May 25, 2007

make the link a real link

2. Anonymous - January 25, 2008


3. Anonymous - January 25, 2008

cool cool cool
cool cool

4. Anonymous - January 25, 2008

say it

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