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Newspaper Info © March 29, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

The Penguin Times update
Here are the main stories from the Newspaper:

Cover Story
Easter Egg hunt (April 6th- April 9th)
There will be some easter eggs hidden around Club Penguin and you have to find them!
Aunt Arctic says penguins love hunting and she has loads of great hiding places. Join up with your mates or find them on your own! The hidden places will be on my blog when the hunt starts!

Featured Story
The coins from the gift shop went missing last week which was the story line for the NEW mission! As so many penguins have completed the mission the coins have returned.
As if by magic….

You could send a story into CP and it could be put in the Book Room for evryone to read!
You can enter your story on this page.

Featured Game
Mastering manucula!

Regular Feature
Ask Aunt Arctic

Regular Feature
Tips and Secrets (Hidden Jokes)
Try clicking the words joke, Riddles or poems in the newspaper and see what happens…

Jokes, Riddles and Poems

March 30th- April Fools Day
April 6th – Easter Egg Hunt
Clothing Catalog
April 12th- Writing Contest closed
April 13th- New post cards
New pin
April 20th- Igloo Catalog
Furniture catalog

Fan comics

There u go!
If you want the full stories see the newspaper!

Waddle On, :mrgreen:



1. cruiser9 - January 3, 2008

THESE TIPS R REAL OLD _cheery o mate!

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