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New Mission © March 28, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

Complete the mission in 12 easy steps!

Hey! :mrgreen:
The NEW mission was released on Monday as CP suddenly finished it here are the steps to complete it:

Step1- Have a chat with the penguin wearing the Propeller Cap and Red Sunglasses. Make him look in the vault. Make sure you do ALL the talking to get to the next step!

Step2- Go to the Office using the door to the right. Then using the arrows go round and stop at the orange couch.

Step3- Click the Floppy Disk and the Paperclip and drag them to your inventeries.

Step4- Go over to the Computer and turn it on using the big button on the hard drive. Then insert the floppy disk into the disk drive. And click files then click combination_number.

Step5- Write down the number make sure you remember it! Then go back down and ask the green penguin to open it. Then click the panel with the red button saying confirm. Then the panel will enlarge. Then code means N-north, E-east, S-south, W-west then type in the number using the big black boxes as many times.

Step6- Go into the room and your Agent phone will ring. Go to G in the HQ.

Step7- Click the tv screen G is pointing to with the Vault showing.

Step8- Open the drawer next to G and click the top left key. Drag it to your inventeries.

Step9- Go back to the gift shop and visit the roof using the key in your inventeries. Click the white fibrers on the vent. Click the Powah box and open it using your wrench from your spy phone.

Step10- Put the paper click in the box and go to the town where a penguin is crying. Go to the boiler room use your night vision goggles and use the arrows till you get to the Fuse Box click it and turn your goggles off.

Step11- Click all the red dots until they all turn green. (It took me ages but dont give up).

Step12- Go to the HQ speak to G and well done you have completed the mission! 🙂

There u go!
If youve got any comments tell me…

Thats all.
Waddle On,



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