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Update (23rd March 2007) © March 24, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

Friday Update
Every friday I will make a post called Friday Update and it will tell you all the Club Penguin releases and information!
Today the new Puffle Tricks have been released for your puffles as Holagurrl said I couldnt really tell what they where but if you know comment them here! :mrgreen:
Also the Secret Agent game clue is hidden in the F.I.S.H book to find it follow the instructions below.
Then a message should pop up saying:
Then the symbol is on page 11 in the F.I.S.H book!
Then the message will appear. The message says:
There is the clue for the NEW mission.
And on the official Club Penguin blog the latest Mission clue is this:
As promised, here is this weeks “behind the scenes” look at the upcoming mission. This one is my favorite so far. It shows some of the animation frames that help create movement with a character. Now you see why these missions take so long to create. I must say, I think this one will be the best one yet!
In blog news could I have more entries in the competitions page! Check it Out…
And finally my blog party is on the 1st April so get ready and make sure you tell your friends!!!
There you go! 🙂
Waddle On, ❗



1. Steph-fer-bee - March 25, 2007

Hey everybody! I just made this Riddle for cp! Plz spread it around and try to figure it out! No one knows it yet!
Be the first to get it right and get your site advertised for 1st place!


Transporting from here to there
In this blue portal
Leading to a secret room
Know by few mortal
Secret message on the board
Second word is key
I’ll give you a little clue
You CAN do it with tea
Go to the room from the clue
That I just had to share
Wearing the red face paint around
Cheering without a care
One more story, there you go
An older game played here you know
Rainbow in an adventure
6 words back dare ye venture?
This is what I think of you
If you get it right woo hoo!

What is it?

Hope you get it!
Good Luck!

Visit my site for more fun and later I might give the answer to the riddle! http://www.chipmunkgal4.wordpress.com !
See you!

2. i like butts - March 26, 2007

it worked

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