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St Patricks Day party!! March 16, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

Today it’s the St Patricks Day Party! ❗ Which is a nice change from the normal Club Penguin look! 🙂 🙂
Everythings gone GREEN! Even my site which I hope you like. Well here is the info and secrets from today’s new arrivals! :mrgreen:
The free item is the Lucky Hat which hasn’t been back since 2006! It is in the Dock.
The NEW pin is in the Lodge Attic. Click the Pot of Gold which is behind the Red chair. Then the pin will bounce onto the Blue sofa then click on it!
Also today the band have arrived back and are Touring Club Penguin playing there music in the NightClub. Also some new Igloo music has been added so Check it Out!
And on top of that a selection of new items have been added to the Furniture Items like the Green Collection which are RARE ITEMS are a must have for any St Patrick Party lovers!
All the secrets are weirdly the same as last time so check my last Furniture Catalog post for the information. Also in the Igloo catalog we have two new flooring items! Also here are the Igloo Secrets.
To get the Secret Stone igloo click the top middle window of the Ice Castle.
The Last Igloo Catalog secret is the Deluxe Stone Igloo which you get by clicking the coin sign on the Candy igloo
Thats everything I think! 😕
Waddle on,
-Blazecat :mrgreen:



1. blazecat - March 16, 2007

This Party is Gr8

2. Wonder Tiger - March 16, 2007


3. Berryc00l - March 21, 2007

hey, take a look at my site to have a great time at parties! i posted other people’s parties, they are this sunday, for more info go to:

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