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Newspaper Info © March 8, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

This weeks newspaper was delivered today! Here is a little summary of each headline.
The main story had info about this months party. The St Patricks Day ’07 party.
It gives alot of hints about what the free item will be read this and see what you think:
A very old item that has been a favourite for many who have it and envy of those who dont will return during this party.
If you ask me they are probobly going to bring back the Lucky Hat (see picture below)
and at this party last year the first pin was released (See picture below)
So I dont know what pin there will be this time!
Also in other news Rockhopper is coming back tomorrow so make sure you get the items he’s bringing back!
In my blogs news I need jokes for the Silly party so visit the Competitions page to find out more and we need more hits so we can reach 2500 the surprise is now ready so keep visiting!
For Now Waddle On!



1. berryc00lstarbuggy - March 10, 2007

great job on this post, i cant remember how to put my pics on wordpress…lolz ill figure it out! anways keep it up!
*Visit: http://berryc00lstarbuggy.wordpress.com/ today!*

2. Marty - March 14, 2007

Yeah, you keep riping pictures from my website and I’ll be sure to make you a header. -_-

3. Angel8o - March 15, 2007

i luuuuv ur header!

visit http://www.angel8o.wordpress.com!!
~A8o 😛

4. blazecat - March 16, 2007

Thanks angel.
I will use yours next month!

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