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New Catalog (2nd March 2007)© March 2, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

The NEW Clothing Catalog was released today here are the secrets.
Club Penguin has brought back a really old item the 3D Glasses which where first released in a Clothing Catalog nearly a year ago! To get them click the left Winter Boot and then the right.
The next secret is to get the Bow Tie which is missing from the Leprechaun Tuxedo. All you have to do is click where the Bow Tie should be and it will appear for 60 CPcoins.
Finally the last secret is to get the hidden Viking Helmets to get the normal Viking Helmet click the Spatula twice and a fish with a Viking Helmet will appear then click on it and the Viking helmet buy box will appear. Then to get the Blue Viking Helmet click the normal Viking Helmet on the fish 3 times.
Then to get the Gold Viking Helmet whilst on the Blue Viking Helmet buy box click the Coffee Pot on the same page and you should have it! But buy it quick because it won’t be in the April Catalog.
The New Pin is in the Dance Lounge on one of the tables.
In news about this website I would love to see some more visitors and more comments so that we can reach my current target of 2000 hits. Also there will be some new Competions on that page today so CHECK IT OUT!
For now Waddle On,



1. bolllie - March 2, 2007

blaze cat its me bolllie meet me in my igloo and add me ill be on march 3,4,5,6, then i wont be on for a week

2. blazecat - March 3, 2007

Okay. See you soon (maybe!)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Make sure you tell you’r friends about it!
-Waddle On,

3. Angel8o - March 3, 2007

visit http://www.angel80.wordpress.com right now so u can help me get started on my cp yearbook project! 😀

4. Angel8o - March 3, 2007
5. Bill - May 31, 2007


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