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Penguin Standard © February 23, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

The clock on Club Penguin opened today in the Snow Forts.
To keep it running you can throw snow balls at the target.
The clock runs on PST penguin standard time see picture below for info
Also i don’t know if any of you have noticed in the Penguin Times on the events page it said Rockhoopers Return check it out in the picture.
Also in other news see the post below because we need more votes by the end of today 10 penguins will be deleted from the contest.
Waddle On



1. Joing456 - February 24, 2007

at least u made ur own words and pics unlike other loosrs

2. blazecat - February 25, 2007

thanks guys

3. yuryfury - February 25, 2007


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