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Cool New igloo upgrade & More…©  February 16, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

Today the new igloo upgrade was released (so no more waiting needed!) it;s definatly the best Design yet, it’s not just an igloo but it’s a Castle with plenty of room for all your furniture! But it comes at a price of 5100 coins so get saving.
The only secrets are to get the Deluxe Stone igloo you click the aerial of the Deluxe Candy igloo and to get the Stone Igloo you click the Door of the Log cabin.
Speaking of furniture today is also the day that some new furniture was released in the catalog. The furniture is completly new and the items are:
Knight Ice Sculpture-900 coins
Wall Torch – 85 coins
Medieval banner -105 coins
All great items to brighten up your NEW castle!
There is only 2 hidden items:
Royal Throne which you get by clicking on the word ‘Throne’ See the picture below
Big screen t.v- Click the cassette in the Home Stereo
And finally the pin is at the Ice Berg:

Waddle On,



1. ipodkid556 - February 16, 2007

CPBME( Club Penguin Best Movie Ever!)

Here’s How It Goes: You can make any movie of your dreams! ANYTHING! But one thing, it has to be a Club Penguin Movie. I will pick three winners in this contest. Each of them will win a prize.

These are the requirements: The movie has to be AT LEAST (minute and 30 seconds (hint))1:30 long. You need to have a penguin 30 days old or more . You must be able to put your video on youtube so I can get the link and put it on my site. You must have the video sent KPBT@AOL.COM so I and only I can see it. Last but not least, you must have this in my email by 3/20/07. So from when I’m posting this today and the due date, you have about a Month and 4 days to make the video.

Who Can Enter: Everyone can enter but they have to be 30 days old or more on CP.

If You Loose: if you loose, try again when I have this contest again. If your video isn’t good enough when I see it, I’ll give you tips on how to make your video better.

If You Win: If you win, I’ll have you on my winner list and your video will be posted when I announce the winners.

The Prize!: 3rd Place wins: A friend request with me! 2nd Place wins: 5000 coins and a friend request with me! 1st Place wins…………………………. 15000 coins and a friend request with me!

Time is Flying By! Get started soon!

thx, ipodkid556

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