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Newspaper News and Site Update February 15, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

You may have noticed some changes to my site which were supposed to be completed by the 15th January but it took a little longer than I thought to do my new year changes….Anyway I finished the changes on the 10th Febuary and i thought I will release them a month after planned!
Anyway here is a list of my Late 2007 changes:
Added a Picture to the sites title area
Updated the picture page *(see the writing near the other star for more info)
Updated the Upcoming Events page
Deleted alot of the page including competitions and about me!
I have also updated my sidebar
and finnaly I have had alot of impersonators comments (which I deleted) so with the help of 99coolj I now have a box around the real blazecats comments so now you know only the blazecat with the orange box around his comments is real!!!

*Pictures page
I am now working with a great penguin called Angel8o which you may have met to bring you great pictures and edits so check out that page now! I hope you enjoy them and remember to leave comments about what you think underneath.

Sadly rockhopper is leaving tommorow but I am sure he’ll be back soon!
In other news G club penguin mechanic who built the AC 3000 and the is going to build a clock for CP more info soon!

Finnally you may have noticed in my sidebar it says goal 1000 hits well please can you help me get this goal! At the moment I have about 600 hits so to gain this I need you to ask all your friends to visit my site! There will be a special surprise when we reach 1000!!!
Thats all!

Waddle On,



1. rsnial - February 15, 2007

hey great site!
Love it
I added it to my favourites

2. blazecat - February 15, 2007

Thanks rsnial
Hope you all enjoy my site!
With its updates

Waddle On,

3. 99coolj - February 16, 2007

Add me to your blogroll! I’ll add you to mine!

Visit 99coolj.wordpress.com today!
Leader of CPCM
~99coolj~ 😉

4. blazecat - February 16, 2007

Okay 99coolj its a deal!

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