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Site Update February 6, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

Sorry I havn’t been posting lately but I have been busy changing and adding stuff to my site.
As you may have noticed I have deleted my Uncle Arctic page and added an about me page and now that the page is gone please start emailing your questions to my new amail address blazecat@hotmail.com I will reply to all my emails A.S.A.P. Also you may have seen that I have added lots more stuff to my side bar. The main thing i’ve added is Meebo which is a messenging tool where you can have a private message chat with me I will always log into Meebo when I am on Club Penguin.



1. Waddle3773 - February 8, 2007

How do you get Meebo?

Editor’s Comment:
To get meebo follow the 6 simple instructions:
1.click this link http://www.meebome.com and register.
2.Then choose a widget
3.copy your Html code.
4.Go to your site dashboard, click presentation and click sidebar widgets.
5.Then drag and drop Meebo to you bar and click the icon thats appeared on the Meebo widget
6.Paste your code and go and sign in on this website http://wwwm.meebo.com/
And you should have Meebo!

2. penguindude - May 14, 2007

i got my own website for cheats @http: //penguindude.wordpress.com/

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