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New catalog February 2, 2007

Posted by blazecat in Club Penguin.

The clothing catalog was released today and here are the secrets. The first secret is the Night Vision Goggles which you get by clicking on the Snow Shoes.
Also you can get the paper hat for 50coins by clicking on the Backpack
THE GOLD VIKING HELMET to get this follow the instructions: color all the star necklace stars in and get on the blue viking helmet buy box and click on the tiara and you will have it.
You can get the Viking helmet by coloring all the stars in and to get the blue viking helmet click on the viking helmet 3 times.
The pin is at the swimming pool
Finally Rockhopper’s coming back. See for yourself at the beacon.
And thats all at the moment



1. gossipgurl25 - February 4, 2007

Thanks for all this info.
I’m sure it’ll be put to good use.
u no u heart me!

Leader of CPR and SCPS 8)
Visit http://holagurrl25.wordpress.com today!

Editors Comment
Thanks for all your help I just hope I will get more visitors on my site

2. for3v3r - February 4, 2007

Hey…blazecat…link my site to ur site…I shall link urs to mine too…by the way whose the editor?

Editors Comment
My website has no editors. It only has me the moderator. I shall add you

3. piepin - February 7, 2007

word says rockhopper is bringing the orange puffe?Is this true!?!???

Editor’s Comment:

I am not to sure about that. He could bring that or he could bring something different because he did bring a puffle last time he came back!

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